Manila Auto Show 2013

ImageAwesome Cars, Great Designers , Big Event , Proud Owners and beautiful/sexy ladies. =))

Maraming pumunta most  majority of them is boys. some says they just came for semi nude =)) sexy white ladies. Now i know that’s why many of the owners of the cars there, there’s someone standing there “Modeling” the car/s. Its a Big Event. Sobrang daming cars. Magagandang Cars. konti lang napicturan ko dahil sa sobrang daming tao. Lalo na daw nung last day event. Image

This is MINI COOPER everyone! My Dream car. yes. my dream car is Mini Cooper Top-Down . i know someday, i can drive this and enter it in Auto Show just like my dad’s car. I also Dream to be a girl racer. but i know it will just always be a dream  😦 . Hi dad for my 18th bday =)) Joke.


This Volkswagen car is my favorite of all cars i have been seen in Auto Show. Yes i want that vintage car. its manual. -_- Best for friends getaway.



MY Dad’s Car. He won the best Design ( i Think? ) but he won! =)) okay That’s Toyota GT86

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